World Market for Dialysis Equipment and Services

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The dialysis industry enjoys a unique spot in the healthcare sector. The industry encompasses two really rewarding segments — the health-related device business (dialysis merchandise and supplies segment) and the healthcare solutions industry (dialysis companies segment).

The dialysis industry remains a robust, multi-billion company that has managed to fuel its development engine in the past five years. What helps make this market a lot more fascinating and challenging is its relatively modest customer base – only 1.8 million dialysis individuals form its whole universe. But of course, these are higher-value customers. The stable consumer base also explains how the dialysis business is noncyclical in nature and is only minimally affected by the vagaries of financial downturns.

* In depth Forecasts to 2013 * In-Depth Profiles of the Essential Players in Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment method, Gear and Supplies. * 70 Figures and Tables featuring useful data, demographic and market trends that can be employed to supplement internal memos or presentation. * Comprehensive World Dialysis Market Assessment such as distinct reviews of the dialysis service, equipment and supplies market in the United States, Japan, UK, Italy, India, China and Australia and Canada. * Market place Share of Main Care and Equipment Providers. * The Altering Regulatory Surroundings. * Detailed Patient Demographics Existing Data, Forecasts and Trends. * Goods in Advancement R&ampD Spending by Organization.

Kalorama’s trusted info-gathering process offers most correct study of the kidney dialysis marketplace available today. Data and analysis presented in this report is based on in depth interviews with senior management of top firms and in the kidney dialysis and gear industry. Even though key study literature and government details is culled, crucial marketplace insights originate from interviews with business leaders.

Item managers, marketing and advertising managers, organization development executives, advertising agency executives and data and investigation center librarians are among the men and women who will come across this round-up of the kidney dialysis and dialysis equipment marketplace vital.

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