What Makes A Good Stock Investor Newsletter?

Article by Mark Crisp

What To Look For and What to Avoid.

As with any newsletter, the aim is to inform and advise the reader so they can choose wisely based on knowledge. So the newsletter should target several different audiences simultaneously while keeping with the main thrust of the general topic.

A good deal of people surveyed said that the quality of information is what makes the newsletter good. Relevant, fresh content is absolutely necessary and it has to belong in the same vein as the main idea of the newsletter.

So what makes a good stock investor’s newsletter?

A good start would be content that is appropriate to all levels of investors. For the new investor, articles on how and where to invest, techniques to find the best stocks and investing strategies. Also tips on new stocks would be good. For the intermediate investor, detailed information on stock activity and market projections would be helpful. Articles on these things would be excellent.

For the advanced, experienced trader perhaps there could be a ticker or RSS feed with current info updated hourly. Articles on trading strategy and market temperament could be available.

Above all of this pertinent information should be one driving element-visual elegance. Your stock investors newsletter needs to be visually pleasing for your clients. With this in place added to the fresh content, your subscribers will look forward to your forthcoming issues. This is what makes a good investor’s newsletter standout.

Here is a list of what I personally would look for in an investor’s newsletter:

1.Easy to navigate and understand.2.Looks professional and friendly.3.Current Dow Jones Industrial Average info. Opening and closing values.4.A stock ticker that is updated as often as possible.5.A personal stock watch section for my hot stocks.6.Hot tips on moving stocks.7.Instruction on how to read and evaluate a stock chart.8.Articles from known experts in the industry.

What I would stay away from are newsletters that include:

1.Promotion of penny stocks. These are usually a scam in my opinion.2.Lack of contact information.3.Ads that are not related to the stock industry.4.Information that is older than a week on the main site.5.Promotions of affiliate programs that are irrelevant to the site.

Absolutely you need to include the DJIA and possibly NASDAQ for those who deal in commodities and futures. Expand your scope and customer base with info on trading foreign currencies.

Training and instruction is always a good thing to have there to draw in new clients.

As with any online venture, keep the ad content relevant to the newsletter. Use box ads like those at Google Ad Words to boost revenue.

A newsletter is meant to inform and help the reader. The suggestions above are not a hard line template by any means. You just need to address your clientele according to their level of expertise. A little something for everybody and a LOT of information is the way to go.

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