Vision Shopsters: UK Pharmaceutical Market Overview – Pricing and reimbursement challenges dampen future growth

The UK prescription pharmaceutical market place was valued at .four billion in 2009. Essential growth drivers consist of expanding use of chronic high-value innovative treatments driven by a increasing elderly population, substantial public healthcare expenditure as proportion of total healthcare expenditure, relatively light pricing controls via the PPRS, and speedy domestic drug approvals.

*Overview of the UK’s socioeconomic and demographic trends, healthcare method, regulation, pricing and reimbursement and intellectual property position
*Assesses the size of the UK’s pharmaceutical market place by prescribing setting, treatment region, major brands and by major firms
*Examines the UK’s generics and biosimilars landscape in terms of regulatory problems, degree of penetration, essential players and degree of brand erosion
*Quantifies the UK’s R&ampD and manufacturing infrastructure for the major pharmaceutical firms, such as key metrics and domestic M&ampA evaluation.

The UK pharmaceutical business has to some extent been cushioned from the effects of the recession. Even so, the NHS now faces cuts and with price tag cuts to be implemented in Southern Europe additional stimulating the parallel exportation of drugs out of these markets, branded drug sales in the UK marketplace will surely be impacted.

The UK’s Department of Well being is thinking about imposing mandatory generic substitution at the pharmacist degree, as portion of the renegotiated PPRS which came into impact in 2009. Mandatory substitution really should increase generics volume uptake in the UK, but the extent of the increase is most likely to be restricted, given the widespread use of generics in the UK.

The UK has a sturdy track record for drug development. Nevertheless, Roche and Novartis have threatened to pull out of the UK due to ongoing debates more than drug pricing, costly and bureaucratic clinical trials, and recent non-approval choices by Nice. Also, a amount of important players are downsizing their UK operations in an effort to decrease expenses.

*Evaluate the evolving regulatory landscape and the influence of pricing and reimbursement controls on industry access.
*Quantify the size and development of the prescription pharmaceutical market place in the UK, analyzing crucial treatment areas, brands and companies.
*Assess drivers and resistors of generic and biosimilars uptake in the UK as properly as the degree of erosion brands can count on to face post patent expiry.



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Strategic scoping and concentrate three
Important findings – UK healthcare drivers and resistors four
Socio-demographic and financial analysis 8
UK socio-demographic trends 8
UK socio-financial trends eight
Healthcare program and drug regulatory evaluation ten
UK healthcare expenditure ten
UK healthcare method overview 11
UK regulatory issues 11
UK pricing and reimbursement issues 11
Prescription pharmaceutical sales evaluation 13
UK pharmaceutical industry size 13
UK top therapy areas 13
UK major prescription pharmaceutical brands 13
UK pharmaceutical firms 13
Drug expiry analysis 15
UK generics market 15
UK brand erosion post patent expiry 15
UK biosimilars industry 15
Pharmaceutical sector infrastructure analysis 17
UK pharmaceutical sector infrastructure overview 17
UK R&ampD infrastructure trends 17
UK manufacturing infrastructure trends 18
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