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—-Multi level marketing News Update—-August 12th 2010

**For Immediate Release**

Top Critique – Marketing and advertising UpdateSubject: Best Degree Position

The topic for right now is focused on a new organization that has been gearing up for what seems to be on of the world’s biggest pre-launches in the direct sales history. There has been a excellent deal of construct up over the web about this business currently.

We got word about Top rated Level Place a couple of weeks ago and it looks like the company will be ready to launch in about 1 more week or close to it.

Here is what we have been ready to dig up so far:

* This new company is already a Multi-Million dollar firm that has ZERO debt, not undesirable for just coming out of the gates.* We never know what the product is but we can say that they have a globe famous, multi-billion dollar manufacturing business that is formulating the products.

Best Level Place is providing everyone a likelihood to get in on the ground floor of a brand new organization for no price during the pre-launch phase. So what does this indicate to the consumer? Let’s look at it like this:

* They way we see it is that anyone has the chance to open their really own franchise (in a sense) for no upfront price.* You have an possibility to create your client base and set up team leaders for the duration of the pre-launch period. * You actually have the possibility to get paid off of absolutely everyone that signs up in the firm no matter whether they are in your direct line or not from a bonus pool.

The bonus pool produces a specified sense of urgency because the sooner that you enroll will imply the a lot more men and women you will have enrolling after you.

This firm has set their expectations really higher. They are expecting to attain out to 1 million individuals ahead of the company entirely launches.

Keep your eye out for this firm. I expect to see a lot occurring right here in the next number of weeks to come. Stay tuned and Remain educated on Top Degree Place.


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