The Secret to Locating the Very best Penny Stock Picks

Article by Jonathan Langley

A recent stock which I invested in appreciated sharply from 15 cents to 48 cents, accounting for an overall gain of over 200%. The main point to be made is that word of that stock came to me from an analytical stock picker which I’ve been using as of late. If you don’t have the time or experience to devote to finding these stocks yourself, consider this article on how to find the best penny stock picks with this fully reliable method.

Analytical stock picking programs have been around for years but only recently have they gotten to the point where there precise enough to rely on blindly. That’s not to say that every program works as well the next. Make sure it has a money back guarantee in place before you buy anything.

The program I’ve been using as of late is known as Penny Stock Prophet. As the name would suggest, the program exclusively targets lower priced market data, looking for the best penny stock picks, making the picks which it generates for you fast acting. Take the first pick which I received from the program as an example. The first pick which I received was first valued at $ .15 before the market opened Monday morning. I placed an order for 1000 shares with my stop loss set at $ .10, so basically spending just 0 in total.

I checked back in on its performance at the end of the day and sure enough right from when the gates opened it had jumped 5 cents within an hour. It closed out at $ .31 a share. It’s one of the best feelings which you can experience, being invested in a cheap stock which appreciates and turns out to be a massive success. I suppose it feels even better when you had no role in finding that stock beyond relying on a program to do it for you.

The next day when the market opened that stock continued to climb regularly. If finally topped off that day at $ .48 a share. It’s likely that that second day other investors who didn’t receive notice of the pick it self took notice of that stock in the market and helped to propel it even further up. At the end of that second day it had turned and had begun to come down again. At this point when it turned I felt it was my time to get out and I exited around $ .46 or to more than ultimately triple my initial investment.

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