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OTCBB Stocks Up On News: (LLSR, TNFG, and GNZR)

Lantis Laser, Inc. (OTC:LLSR) had a very profitable trading session today and showed a gain of 76.99% at the close. LLSR traded 641,600 shares and increased .0174 per share to close at a PPS of .04. The stock saw prints as high as .07 after releasing news regarding a letter of intent to merge with Perio-Imaging Inc. The press release states that merger between the two companies would be an all stock transaction but fails to mention any targeted dates for the possible merger.

Terra Nova Financial Group, Inc (OTC:TNFG) traded up 43.08% after trading 266,154 shares and closed the day at a PPS of .93. This momentum came into the stock after the company released news before the market opened. TNFG announced that they would be acquired by Lightspeed Financial. This will be Lightspeed’s second acquisition in 2010. Terra Nova Financial manages approximately 0 million of client assets. Lightspeed’s total client assets will exceed .25 billion with this acquisition!

Generation Zero Group, Inc. (OTC:GNZR) traded 246,197 shares today and closed the day at its high of .17. This increase of .24 (25%) per shares came after the company announced that they had completed the finance documentation related to the acquisition of Generation Zero is focused on having controlling or significant ownership interests in Premium Domain names.


Notable Stocks with Positive Momentum (SMTS, CEMJQ, and MRVC)

Somanetics Corporation (NASDAQ:SMTS) closed the day up 31.27% at a PPS of .81 after trading more the 9 million shares today. This momentum came into the SMTS market after an announcement about a definitive agreement for Covidien to acquire Somantics Corporation. Later in the day Ryan & Maniskas, LLP announced an investigation of Somanetics Corporation.

Chemtura Corporation (PINK:CEMJQ) closed the day at a PPS of .94 after trading more than 1 million shares. Chemtura has had a rough month trading; the stock was around .50 at the start of the month and has been trending down ever since. It looks like the stock may have found its bottom and began to rebound today. Chemtura is a global specialty chemicals company with leading positions in diversified markets.

MRV Communications, Inc. (PINK:MRVC) has been trending up over the past 6 trading sessions and today the stock exploded with trading activity. MRVC traded more than 1.5 million shares and closed up .17 at a PPS of .42. Watch MRVC tomorrow because this increase of 13.60% and surge of buying may have alerted traders to this momentum. MRV Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of packet switching, packet optical (P-OTS), physical layer and out-of-band networking equipment, services and optical components for high-speed carrier and enterprise networks and specialized aerospace, defense and other communications networks.


Penny Stocks On The Move (KATX, QASP, STHG, and ENTI)

KAT Exploration, Inc. (PINK:KATX) initiated the drilling process on the Rusty Ridge IOCG Property and the stock closed up 6.67%. This increase of .008 per share brought the PPS to .128 at the closed. KAT Exploration Inc. is an exploration company based in Mount Pearl Newfoundland and has a variety of mineral properties consisting of Gold, Copper and Silver.

Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (PINK:QASP) traded more than 17 million shares today and closed the day up 10.71% at a PPS of .0155. QASP is an aviation company that focuses on aircraft and component design and manufacture, and flight training.

Stratton Holdings, Inc. (PINK:STHG) had a second day of big volume and percentage gains! STHG traded 55,039,533 shares and closed up more than 41%. The stock increased .0023 per share and closed at a PPS of .0079. The company has not released news since April but continues to trade up.

Encounter Technologies, Inc. (PINK:ENTI) closed the day at a PPS of .0032 after trading more than 115 million shares. This increase of 18.52% came after the company releases news regarding a weekly call update. has found that ENTI has a lot of buzz on many investor related message boards.

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