Social Media Marketing Update: Don’t Forget

Article by Rellie Lorenzo

Before moving forward in your social media marketing journey you cannot forget the proper mindset. First of all, it is good to review the term marketing. What does marketing mean?

Marketing is the act of promoting a product or service to increase sales. Social media is the platform(s) online where people are able to communicate and socialize with friends, family, classmates, and other like-minded individuals. The most popular ones right now are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Your goal is not to be too pushy and abuse these social networks online. There are supposed marketers shoving their product in front of other networkers like a social bully. That is not what social media is about. But can you really blame the aggressiveness?

After decades of radio and television, the traditional form of marketing and advertising, in which the audience cannot immediately provide feedback, it can be hard not to go into sales mode.

So it is true. There are abusers of social media networkers. It is possible though that they can eventually learn and improve their marketing skills. Eventually they will learn to listen and pull in people with the right message instead of pushing the service.

What about the stubborn? There are still businesses that are not utilizing social media platforms. That sounds like an opportunity and a business idea itself. Sure they can make money without taking advantage of the opportunity Facebook provides. There are millions and millions on Facebook. The population is large enough to form a company. Plus it is free.

Also noteworthy is the decline of trust in traditional advertisements. Big companies get arrogant and they do influence their employees. Good customer service is appreciated but the poor rude service is never forgotten. We also trust our friends more than a local TV commercial.

So here are my actionable tips. Be respectful to everyone. There is no stronger repellant than rudeness and disrespect. Don’t strong-arm people and don’t try the sneaky tactics of manipulating dialogue in an unethical manner such as fake testimonials. Make sure you have an auto-responder with a strong email campaign.

Be observant. It is acceptable to sit back at first and see how the culture of a particular Facebook group operates or the lingo on Twitter. Eventually you will jump into a proactive mode socializing with the proper rhythm.

Getting traffic is great but do not get tunnel vision. You want to get the traffic, the leads, and the sales the right way. You can do that by providing valuable content, building credibility, and earning trust of your prospects.

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