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We were in Pune for my cousin’s marriage. As per our traditions, it was a grand affair spread across for a week. Me and my wife reached Pune two days before the function. The marriage was organized as a grand festival. We decided to stay in a hotel rather than being in their house, as it will be chaos there & also didn’t wanted to trouble them. The hotel we checked in was Area 51, Pancard Clubs. It was a huge structure something similar to spaceship. At the reception we got a warm welcome. We were no VIPs but still they really took great effort to please us. The stay was quiet peaceful. As we were there for my cousin’s wedding, we didn’t had time much to explore the hotel or its features.

It was six month later I came to know about Pancard Club Investment Plan. My friend told me he invested in their scheme & as per the scheme he enjoyed some 3 days of stay in Pancard Clubs.

As I have been there before I know the place. But to enjoy that place at the amount very less than what we paid made me go crazy. I thought my friend got lured in to some fraud scheme. But after inquiring about the scheme I came to know that it was real. The company was offering such schemes. The company offered to provide days of stays in their hotels & resorts at a discounted rate. There were plans for three to ten years.  The amount to be invested was directly proportional to the investment term. Similarly the benefits from the investment differed on the basis of amount invested. When you compare all the schemes or plans you will get an average of 2 days of holiday per month starting from the first month. The company was ready to redeem any of your unutilized days as per the scheme. So you can actually get paid for the benefits not used by you.

I think by proposing Pancard Club Investment Scheme, company is trying to earn more by giving more.  It doesn’t end here company also provides extra benefits to its members. Extra benefits include medi-claim, insurance & discount cards. When I analyzed the whole scheme I found that it was risk-free. My returns are guaranteed. Even if I don’t use my rights I can redeem the same for the amount decided at the time of investment.

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