Sanitary Ware hardware advancement of the market place overview of the standing quo and path of the

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Sanitary industry experienced a lot of tests, in 2010 the rapid rapid real estate development, is bound to lead development of the industry daily bath hardware, daily hardware bathroom in the new situation presents new trends, daily bathroom hardware products will be show home trend, and more hardware to meet the household needs. Daily-use hardware design of new products, sanitary ware is more human-oriented, energy saving and environmental protection is the daily use of the new features of new hardware bathroom.At present, the sanitary ware products, is already far past the traditional concept of a breakthrough. Life as a modern symbol of luxury goods, it enters every aspect of people’s lives. That not only has the health and cleaning functions, should also include health-care functions, enjoy the functions and entertainment functions. The use of functions, only the sanitary ware products, cleaning methods appeared red rotary type, silent type, Xie Chong-style, self-contained type, siphon type, jet and so on. Sanitary products shape appeared Siamese-style, with basin series, Siamese-type Toilet, bidet, squatting-type devices will be, urinal, mop basin, column or desktop and wash our faces, etc.. In recent years, sanitary ware products are also introduced additional traffic calming bath, cabinet basin, steam room features a range of accessory products. Bathroom hardware products tend to be more user-friendly, products, rich, multi-choice.Currently on the market a lot of locks are used in business areas, while in the commercial area of the lock on the intelligent application of requirements would be relatively higher, as they can through a variety of intelligent control, such as fingerprint control, retinal control, or other e-card information, etc. to control. The field of application of commercial locks, its shape, style and style not as demanding civilian, the main emphasis on electronic intelligent control, intelligent development is also crucial.

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