Penny Stocks – What a great day for penny stock trading. 100% + gains EVERYWHERE!!

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It can be an up and down battle at times, but right now was anything but. October 29th was a day that left penny stock traders all over the globe rolling in earnings.


, a stock that was trading at less then half a penny on ten/22 rose yet again, an incredible 79 % to close over ten cents. A 20 bagger for anyone holding from last week, and it may possibly not even be carried out operating.

was yet another excellent play for penny stock traders today. It gained above 15 cents, Doubleing in value and Closing up 103% on Massive volume. Daytraders loved this trade due to the fact of the massive volume creating the liquidity needed for producing genuine massive dollars. I know of Some investors that put over 100,000 dollars Into this PennyStock. Cashing out about 80% for an 80,000 dollar profit, not poor for a days operate. One more massive winner was

, up more than 140% closing at .017. Not quite the volume that CPMCF had but With numerous bounces down 50-75 % , some traders produced out extremely properly trading this two and three times.

was also a single of the hot pennystocks right now. It climbed more than 100% in the very first 30 minutes of industry open fueled by news of a deal that has been signed with T-mobile. This was speedily knocked down to 50% by shorts that weren’t so eager to let a mina mar stock run. But this allowed for some savy traders to play an extra bounce. Simply because it did climb once again closing the day at 100%


This was a MOMO trade started by 1 of the Penny Stock Newsletter Groups. It was definatly a great trade for them. and for anyone who got in extremely early. But soon after climbing an Unbelievable In a quick time following marketplace open, it proceeded to fall all the way to 600% , Then bouncing back slightly to close the day at .017 just below 850 % up.

Saved the finest for last. Even although there had been fairly a handful of far more i am not listing. These days there were just to several Hot penny stocks to even list them all. LOCN was my favored trade today. Clever investors noticed early in the morning that even though there was no PR. LOCN had filed above ten various monetary reports in one day. This can only imply 1 thing. Uplisting. LOCN began a crazy run starting at .012 climbing to a substantial of .044 by 10:30am Dropping back to .02 by 11:00am, Then steadily Climbing all day prolonged to close almost 400%. Some smart Penny stock investors created even a lot more by promoting at the higher, and re getting at the dip.

All in all it was an incredible day for penny stock traders all around. Specifically our chat area As we alerted all of these trades as they started out operating and a lot more. The area was buzzing. leaving traders giddy as they watched the earnings roll in. We can only hope november wil bring much more of the exact same. Hope to see more folks and more trading groups on the Penny STock Chat server to get pleasure from and share in the profits.

Almost everything is 100 % no cost. All the penny stock alerts come from seasoned pennystock traders who really like chatting and helping new individuals find out the game. We teach Charts, L2, Fundamentals, how to do DD and so forth.

But even if you are an seasoned trader you can advantage from our chat network, We are IRC primarily based so we can have as numerous chat rooms as we can make. All rooms are on a very first come first serve. Come get your very own these days, completely free of charge. and you have full manage. We can also offer a custom web chat applet designed to your specifications and give you a custom Domain to go with it if you want to have a chat for your personal internet website or group. All 100 % totally free of course. Cease by these days while the Penny Stocks are HOT!


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