Penny Stock Watch List for the week of July 5th 2010: QASP, ARSC, CDIV, ATNP, SBRH, TDGI, KATX, SSWC, BUGS, and MOPN

The leading ten stocks for the week incorporate: QASP, ARSC, CDIV, ATNP, SBRH, TDGI, KATX, SSWC, BUGS, and MOPN.

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1.  QASP:($  .0068) A extremely low danger trade at these levels in our opinion. QASP is working off of a technical double bottom on the every day chart. Wants to remain above (.0055) on a weekly basis.

2.  ARSC: ($  .0003) In a bear market, these are the kind of stocks traders and investors are seeking for.  ARSC  is correct at its 200-day moving regular. This will get the focus of technical traders. Appears like a reduced threat trade at this degree.

three.  CDIV: ($  .33) If the stock can remain above $ .30 cents for the week, we may well see a technical double bottom on the everyday chart. Low threat trade at these levels.


4.  ATNP: ($  .0011) The stock broke above its 200-day moving average, which offers traders and investors an place of help. As prolonged as it stays above the 200-day moving typical, there is no cause not to be bullish. Looks like the company has a forward seeking event coming as they recently announced they will offer you a dividend to its shareholders.

five.  SBRH: ($  .0045) The stock looks quite oversold that these levels. Intelligent traders and investors will be watching for a bounce.

6.  TDGI: ($  .0395) Bounced very nicely off of the 200-day moving common. This presents itself as a very low threat trade. As extended as TDGI stays above the 200-day moving typical, there is no reason not to stay long here.

7.  KATX: ($  .16) This will be an intriguing week for the KATX. The stock is trading correct in the middle of the array and closed proper at its 50-day moving typical. A lot more importantly, TSW feels that KATX may well challenge the downward trend-line at $ .19 cents this week. A weekly close above this trend-line could send the stock back up to challenge the old highs of .25 cents. There may be a forward-seeking event in the up coming couple of weeks. That really should keep traders and investors interested.

eight.  SSWC: ($ .001) Another stock that looks quite oversold. Intelligent funds will be hunting for a bounce play this week. If the stock comes down to the 200-day moving typical, this could be a sturdy get signal.

9.  BUGS: ($ .0124) The stock has been consolidating quite smartly above the psychological .01 cent location. One particular a lot more week above this vital degree could set BUGS up for a major rally in the close to future.

10.MOPN: ($ .25) The stock is building a symmetrical triangle trading pattern. The query becomes which way is it going to break out? MOPN has held up quite nicely above the gap that it designed 3 weeks ago. TSW is waiting for some variety of key news for the following move.

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