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With the 2011 China international monetary exhibition of China in the run-up to the economic market informatization construction, and will take this step on to new step. As the world’s most significant IT enterprise and Computer makers, HP has been committed to advertise China’s economic business informatization improvement, and in 2010 in the course of the exhibition place forward “financial long term bank” the development of the industry blueprint.

So, how to realize “the future of the bank” vision, let customers to enjoy to the ubiquity of fiscal providers? HP think, should from innovation application, special encounter, agile response, the optimization method, danger control such five elements, can offer the most handy and efficient service, to construct the customer as the center of “future financial institution.”

The client as this-the only way for the improvement of the bank

Right now, the global financial solutions institutions are facing more and more fierce competitors in the market. Developing merger and acquisition, not only affects the conventional financial institution and the new development trend of the financial institution, and lead to kind the intricate IT infrastructure. At the identical time, changing the globe wants higher industry flexibility and service efficiency. The long term will be faced with the banking sector hard challenge: fiscal institutions should take the customer as the center, provide for its fast versatile service.

For the consumer, to today’s financial institution gives new goods and new providers, and to promote the buyer ease, let they can far more effortlessly access financial institution, via the cell phones and the Net can easily achieve. Automated teller machines have been created for miniature customer service center, “electronic purse” also entered people’s life, the life of men and women turn out to be more convenient. In common, in the loved ones, society and life operate continues to blur the boundaries of, the client diversification be fond of and demand is undergoing major adjust. Social network non-fiscal institutions such as the constant development of the degree of service to clientele for acquiring service at any time and spot the demand grew with growth.

Fiscal institutions consumers will Banks as trusted agency, says that need to have can resist the environmental risks, the terrorist threat, this kind of as Net attacks not foreseeable the potential of the chance. As a huge range of the population, they are looking for new retirement monetary services to assistance their new financial demand. If Banks want to and the buyers and preserve in touch, need to set up a set of new service channels of communication, provides various economic enterprise and several levels of monetary service method, hence to retain clients, guarantee enterprise competitive benefit.

Five of the achievements transformation-bank core competitiveness

In order to preserve the core aggressive capability, the financial institution will focus on function with buyers to set up a trusted relationship, no matter in which clients can be situated in the introduction to the new financial products and companies, and supplies the safety protection from fraud and the crime risk. Personalized, customization and handy service for the consumer will and monetary service agencies to produce value. In order to give the greatest service and seamless integration of data platform, and let the financial institution and buyer relationship came closer, monetary institutions need to have from the following 5 aspects implementation transformation.

Application: financial innovation enterprise ought to speed up innovation transformation, to offer aggressive fiscal items and service, and accelerate the enterprise development. For instance, Banks need to have to construct a multi-degree fiscal service program, diversified service channel and customized fiscal items, can let the total client get pleasure from innovation of fiscal solutions, obtain the finest customer encounter, as a result make economic institutions for larger yields.

Distinctive encounter: in order to close the romantic relationship amongst firm and client, Banks need to contemplate in each and every get in touch with customer tache, all can offer customers the most cozy application encounter. For example, with bank branch each in the hall, waiting, or take, self-service, counter service, the enterprise all need to have to consider how to make customers feel at ease and hassle-free, and via the meticulous service to clients stick.

Agile response: in today’s rapidly shifting organization environment, fiscal enterprise should be in a position to respond more rapidly altering enterprise and public demand. At present, the competitors amongst Banks is turning out to be more and more fierce, and finish customers of the new demand also along with the economic environment and consumption environment modify constantly emerging. All of these will carry on to advertise the development of revolutionary bank service mode, build update service channel, and consistently boost the service degree, thus faster, greater respond to consumer requirements.

Optimization process: and the standard bank, bank have increased than the long term of the return on investment return-on-investment (ROI) and lower cost, so the monetary enterprise need to increase the approach, from the infrastructure and the information data two degree is optimized. On the one hand developing the up coming generation of information center, realizing fast distribution, on-demand provide, according to the target with measurement On the other hand, via the information to assist enterprises to better optimize the collection, storage and use of info, faster and more correct to make a selection.

threat management: financial enterprise in the future in the procedure of transformation of the bank, and also to the unknown, from safety threat, rules and laws, and the risk of information can be handle. Monetary enterprise need to implement for personnel, procedure, gear, company and information of comprehensive safety manage, such as the application safety, security, info safety and structure authentication pay a visit to management, in order to guard against the enterprise risk occurs.

Service according to the requirements, construct the close romantic relationship with client

Can say, via the above 5 elements in the future development, the transformation to the financial institution in the procedure of evolution, the monetary enterprise has the extended-phrase value will constantly boost: enterprise innovation to help economic institutions and consumer set up trust consultant sort romantic relationship, and achieve greater return on investment Comfy client expertise, let the Banks can better stick to the buyer, increase client satisfaction The optimization of the management process can efficiently market the enterprise operation efficiency, rapidly response to the diversity of the client want, then to supply extensive high quality of service Solid, and standardized IT program can assist monetary enterprise assure enterprise security and reduce the chance of the enterprise.

In the extended run, by means of the five elements, the transformation of the monetary enterprise will progressively towards the “long term” target near the bank-economic enterprise can in any time, any place, based mostly on any terminal, in any way for the customer provides the required fast fiscal solutions, and get the most abundant data and establish the most intimate customer relations, so as to accomplish a greater return on investment.

At present, “the future of the financial institution” idea has been in some fiscal institutions in the data development of progressively reflected. From “to organization as the center” the conventional mode to “take the client as the center” the bank transformation in the development of the sector has gradually turn into a mainstream trend. Believe in nations and economic business physique under the vigorously promote China’s financial sector, the construction of data which will be more at any time and place of the all-round service concept, HP also will be the comprehensive set product and revolutionary engineering, help fiscal institutions to much better promote market informatization development, and speed up to “long term bank” transformation.

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