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Article by Sourav Sharma

Reliance Industries denying Network 18 stake report, sensex and nifty stocks indices falling on gloomy growth outlook, rupee dropping in thin volume hitting 53/dollar, AT&T giving up on bln bid for T-Mobile USA, M.Stanley to invest 0-5 mln in Mumbai – these are the latest news in India at the moment (20th Dec.). More latest news on India are related to the Lokpal Bill likely of being cleared by the cabinet, India fearing revival of North Korea-Pak nuclear bonding with Kim Jong-il’s death, Govt. mulling putting CJI on panel to select CBI chief, and the list goes on. A news portal, one that publishes relevant news faster than other portals, can quench your thirst for latest news on India on every segment.

If you are a stock market investor, what you will consider more important than the latest news on India, is live stock market statistics. Of course, live stock market statistics can be viewed at ease only at a news portal. So, you robotically take a glimpse of the latest news headlines or read in detail as per your time convenience. According to pre noon live stock market statistics (20 Dec.), top companies that witnessed a rise are Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals rising by 4 percent (followed by an initial milestone payment of .5 million) and SKS Microfinance rising by 3 percent. It is after a statement made by a deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India that borrowing up to million from overseas markets would be allowed for microfinance institutions that SKS rose. For more information on sensex and nifty stocks rise, visit the live stock market section at a news portal. When it comes to volume, three companies are at the top, viz. Jaiprakash Associates on 10.4 million shares, Unitech on 6.7 million shares, and Tata Motors 4.9 million shares. But on an average, both sensex and nifty stocks are on the downtrend; if one stock is rising two are falling. Watch the live stock market closely to watch changing trends.

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