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This year’s common investment investment boom with the emergence of e-commerce final yr, there are similarities. Promising industry often helps make capital far more fame and wealth, but still maintain a cool head, need to not blindly compete for projects resulting in artificially large valuation of enterprises, enterprises premature birth and rapid improvement of market.

The reporter left Yonggang reports

“Final year, there have been the climax of VC investment in e-commerce this year, particularly July and August this yr, venture capital agencies access to the most items from the mobile Web area, the area has entered the innovation and entrepreneurship and investment boom.” In recently held the very first China Summit Forum on Investment and Financing, stated Gavin Ni, president and Qing dynasties, a couple of years, the quantity of investment and Qing dynasties Group will invest 80% of mobile Web.

Business experts stated that not only the domestic mobile Net investment gradually, the degree of concern for the mobile World wide web is worldwide. Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola’s mobile open up the genuine significance of the mobile World wide web sector chain, which Google Inc. will enter the “terminal + software + companies” model basis, but also turn out to be a major mobile Internet company improvement path.

Ushered in the investment boom

Following the emergence of e-enterprise investment boom in 2010, this year the mobile Internet venture capital institutions gradually into the line of sight, this force by the phone, with unlimited future possible new sector is gradually penetrate into people’s residing and operating in various fields, SMS, micro- Bo, mobile music, mobile games, mobile video and other rich mobile World wide web applications quickly.

Clear Analysis Center newest statistics display that in the very first half, the domestic mobile Net investments have been disclosed 31 cases, of which disclosed the quantity of the investment case for the 24 circumstances, with a total investment of $ 318 million investment from the all round scenario was , the initial time the majority of investment in start off-up enterprises.

Clear Study Center, mentioned a senior analyst Zhang Yanan, take the “Big Internet” era of the spring, the mobile Net in 2011 ushered in the golden period of improvement. In the very first half, the mobile Net industry investments, whether it is the scale of investment or quantity of investment cases, more than the year of the calendar yr since 2001. The 2nd half of this year, this investment boom will continue.

IDG Capital Partners, said Zhang Zhen, the final two many years the mobile World wide web is a quite critical IDG capital investment last yr, IDG capital in the digital new media (TMT) in the field of more than 50% of the investment is wireless Internet project.

In this regard, the business normally feel that the 4 primary factors have contributed to increasing concern about the mobile Web: First, the depth of the layout of WiFi, widespread adoption of smart phones efficient in bettering the atmosphere for industrial advancement the second is “open supply” notion to the operating system in depth , operating platform, solutions, etc., for modest application developers to take element in business conditions, stimulate the generation of innovative applications 3 large-finish users are constantly emerging, enhanced capacity to pay Fourth, the energy of capital can not be ignored.

Root out the segments

The past two a long time, with the popularization and application of intelligent terminal model innovation, the explosive development of mobile Internet access by entrepreneurs and the investment community’s focus, hailed as the next “gold.”

Segments from the very first half of the field of mobile Net, the distribution of investment point of view, the disclosure of the authentic investment case to break the mobile Internet investments are mostly concentrated in the wireless value-additional services, mobile video games and other areas of the scenario, mobile applications and solutions, applications and associated stores , wireless advertising and marketing, mobile search and other regions of investment instances have occurred.

Zhang Yanan stated, which to some extent, shows the gradual move towards a stability improvement of the Internet, all sorts of applications are emerging, and all have investment worth. Android operating method, such as well-liked music software program localization frog technological innovation, place-primarily based providers, mobile advertising network platform for service companies targeted Shanghai Marketing Co., Ltd., primarily based on photo-sharing social networking internet site Twitter maps, a lot more veteran corporate priorities as Technology and heavyweight rookie Xiaomi technology Butong 细分 places of company have received widespread attention in the capital can be described entirely.

At present, venture capital institutions to invest in related businesses focused on 3 principal directions: Very first, with “three forces” of application software package developers. China’s latest mobile Web applications into the “fast style” era, only with a fast reaction capability to respond to marketplace, imitation ability and creativity and enterprise to the World wide web giants race to survive, specially the choice of entertainment applications developers, traders pay out far more interest to the “three forces” enterprise. Second, the application merchants data evaluation service providers and application service companies. For this kind of a business investment, investors can better realize the development trend of mobile Net applications, guiding the long term course of investment, investment approach which is a roundabout. Third class enterprise wireless marketing and advertising, product placement, such as software service companies. This element of the company simple to create brief-phrase investment returns.

At present, many venture capital institutions began digging depth of mobile video games, area companies, payment, video, reading, mobile advertising and segments of the investment project.

Mobile e-commerce has wonderful prospective

In latest a long time, with the 3G network, mobile Net devices, sensible phones and other hardware, the developing popularity of mobile Web has been rapid improvement of mobile e-commerce will quickly turn into quite common, and touch delicate e-organization has been conscious of the excellent prospects of the mobile Web industry.

China Net Network Info Center released the “28th China World wide web Development Statistics Report”, as of June this yr, China’s mobile cellphone users reached 318 million, accounting for 65.six% of complete Internet customers. Most of the improve in enterprise class application continue to be, such as the on-line purchasing rate improved to 35.6%, half of 12.15 million new customers, the consumer development rate of 7.6% in six months.

Must search, senior vice president, stated Zhao Lei, the viscosity of mobile Net customers far far more than the Net, so that there will exceed the value of the Net. It is foreseeable that the future of mobile e-commerce, and mobile Web is the future of e-commerce.

According to statistics, from 2006 to 2011 in the 1st half, the mobile buying industry has been disclosed in the investment situation for the 10 cases, eight cases from the investment company focused on mobile payments, there are two investment bargains with mobile e-commerce related, the most representative the finish line of mobile commerce Co., Ltd. in Chongqing. Pioneer the market place has not but appeared in this kind of conditions, the most appropriate firms in the tiny-scale reduced-essential stage of improvement, and this kind of strongly correlated with fiscal market investments, are waiting outside the capital, on the one hand waiting for the business into the increasing stage of advancement, the other hand, waiting for more clear national policy.

Shenzhen Capital Group, Gang Liu, basic manager of North China Region, mentioned the mobile Net company designs, charging models are being clear up, each for traders or entrepreneurs this is a excellent chance for mobile e-commerce applications which bears a enormous industry area.

Investment opportunities in mobile on-line games pregnant

Not long ago, and Qing dynasties Investigation Center jointly conducted with 3G portal final month mobile world wide web users, the survey questionnaire collected much more than one million copies of valid questionnaires, accounting for much more than 75%. Survey, cell phone games as a common representative of mobile World wide web applications, the mobile World wide web is quietly modifying. Participate in the survey of mobile Internet users, frequent use of mobile game users accounted for practically 60%, only much less than five% of customers that do not use the cell cellphone game. Users still single game as the major option, accounting for up to 74.46%. In the mobile game mobile game users to get in the way, their search, the application of marketplace recommendations, online publicity amongst the leading three, respectively, accounting for 58.14%, 40.79%, 31.35%.

Zhang Yanan said that as the popularity of intelligent phones, mobile phone users at property, the time the game significantly, which is the advancement of mobile video games provides a physical atmosphere.

According to statistics, in the very first half, the disclosure of domestic investment in case the mobile gaming market 5, the complete investment amount of $ 131 million investment to enhance the margin. Mobile gaming market place in recent years investment in wind direction of view, platform-primarily based capital of the business much more most likely to cause concern, this kind of as papaya mobile social gaming platform, mobile gaming applications store when the music network, mobile middleware platform to game companies snow carp.

Zhang Yanan, stated via the survey found that mobile World wide web users on mobile gaming to enhance product awareness, coupled with intelligent mobile terminals and the recognition of touch screen, and consumer acceptance of mobile marketing to increase the built, these are to market the rapid improvement of mobile games positive issue in the capital not to be missed.

Numerous venture capital agency heads said that this year’s popular mobile World wide web investments and investment boom final year, there are similarities among e-commerce. Promising business constantly helps make capital more fame and wealth, but nevertheless sustain a cool head, need to not blindly compete for tasks resulting in artificially large valuation of enterprises, enterprises premature birth and speedy improvement of market.

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