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2005, Japan Package Container sales of 6.2 trillion yen. Including paper and cardboard from the packaging container while prices higher than the plastic packaging container, but increased awareness of environmental protection, paper and cardboard products, growing demand, consumption totaled 2.646 trillion yen, accounting for Packaging Materials 44.2% of the total. 90% of the milk in Japan has crease lines are to the sale of paper packaging, the packaging of this easy to squash not only lower cost, and can occupy less space, easily sent to another Cycle And reduce transportation costs; Japan’s most common Beverages Yakutt health drinks can be ripped using a bottom Cup Describe the device, after the bottom of the tear, it can easily crush the container to facilitate sent to recycling. Currently, Japan made a number of packaging Paper Have to develop and produce new green Wrapper Enriched green packaging market.

  Far IR Line Packaging Corrugated PaperJapan developed a far infrared corrugated packaging, corrugated cardboard can be processed in this box used to package Fruit To extend the activation of water molecules in fruit retention period, so that the preservation of fruit than corrugated Carton Extension of a fold. The paper is 100% natural pulp cardboard, the first coated layer can release far infrared Ceramics , And then in the ceramic top coat Polyethylene Membrane to prevent the ceramic off, thus made far infrared corrugated.

Edible Antisepsis Paper With Japan Takasaki Paper Food Industry Waste Apple Slag produced Marc paper method is simple, remove the marc in the grain, to Dao Cheng pulp, adding an appropriate amount of wood Fiber Can be made use of this paper is easily decomposed Marc, can burn or compost can be recycled to re-paper, not easy to pollute the environment. Japan certainly has also created a preservative for food packaging paper, it Make Process is: first base paper containing 20% succinic acid immersion, 33% sodium succinate and 0.07% of sorbic acid in ethanol solution, then dry the can. This paper packaging used in food with marinades can be stored at 38 high temperature for 3 weeks without deterioration.

Dehydration feature wrapping paper Japanese company has developed a heated or without additional agents and the function of wrapping paper with dehydration. This is known as P, S of wrapping paper, choose the only semi-permeable membrane through water Table Surface material is placed inside the high osmotic pressure and polymer water absorbent material. As food in the liquid state of the osmotic pressure of water is poor, can be semi-permeable membrane material to high osmotic pressure Mobile Therefore, the water absorbent polymer molecules were fixed. The packaging does not make food tissue is damaged, it is the water absorption along the cell space, food can not only absorb the water surface and can be absorbed within the depth of the water, also has features such as low temperature absorption. This wrapper can inhibit the enzyme activity, to prevent protein degradation, reduction and microbial propagation, to keep food fresh, concentrated flavor components, remove moisture and improve toughness results.

Retractable Paper One kind of use of all Timber And pulp as raw material, do not add any Synthetic resin Can be directly pressed into the paper containers has been developed from the Japanese paper companies. This new flexibility than paper the paper is 5 to 10 times. The use of special metals Mold Can be directly pressed into various shapes of paper containers. The strength of paper containers and Plastic Packaging Container rather, used to package food and other daily necessities and not only its production cost is very low, but also recycled. It is reported that the successful development of the paper to replace plastic packaging containers.

PLA packaging Challenge Five Limited launched by Mit Subishi production of biodegradable Film And envelopes. The film and the letter is from corn Starch Polylactic acid for the extraction of raw materials and production, use Soybean Ink “Naturalis” for offset printing, love Packaging Printing Industry of all ages.

“Au Pair Corn Sheet” soft PlateDynic Co., corn starch and fat Polyester As raw material to develop biodegradable soft sheet “Au Pair ConSheet”, goal is to eventually replace PVC . This material is easy machining, easy printing, can use to revise its thickness. Landfill waste will not pollute the environment, burning low heat value because processing without creating toxic substances such as dioxin, so little harm to the environment.

“Npimold Paper” Depth Stamping PaperNippon Paper Co., Ltd. of Japan has developed a completely natural fiber as raw material, product name as “NpimoldPaper” deep punching paper, its flexibility is 5-10 times that of ordinary paper. This stamping Paper mold Pressure forming can be suppressed text, graphics, and three surface, similar to the Plastic Products Processing, processing of their convex smooth as can be to achieve a better seal. The product can use the current production equipment, plastic products, according to design die forming. Since the former does not require heat softening process can increase productivity and save energy.

Special coated paper packaging Italy Younifeier (Unifill) cooperation with Nippon Paper, the food industry in Japan launched two easily peeled shell-type paper packaging cheese. This company pioneered the use of the Younifeier special paper packaging coating technology, the more the more favored by the Japanese.

Vegetable Paper Vegetable paper was first developed by Japan, also known as paper food. Vegetable food is characterized by its total dietary fiber-rich, multi- Vitamin And minerals, dietary fiber, which remained stable in the production process, so the paper processed food products nutritional losses are small, the product moisture content is small (about 10%), easy to transport and storage. Paper can be applied to convenience food snack food, edible packaging, and other fields. Edible paper there are two types of vegetables as the main raw material is, beating vegetables, dried after molding; the other is the starch, refined sugar, then add other foods Additive Used to take a similar approach with the paper forming process. From the application and development prospects, with vegetables as the raw material of green products is more potential. The processing technology and equipment has entered its fourth

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