Investment Banking Networking At College – Information Sessions Decoded

Assuming you go to a , your 1st networking in banking experience will be on-campus, and so the query invariably pops up “Is it a strategy worth pursuing?”

Effectively, for positive – simply because just like the excess fat walking-challenged birthday boy, all you have to do is sit about on-campus and wait for every person (banks, college, clubs) to come to you.  It really is just so effortless!

The will hold investment banking info sessions, canapé-n-drink fueled networking chats and even interview you on campus, nonetheless informally.

Your will lay on economic career fairs, banking profession talks and other sector crutch-grabbing shindigs.

Meanwhile will put on mixers for college students interested in becoming investment banking analysts, giving you even a lot more contacts and expertise.

But the catch is you’re not the only birthday boy at this celebration.  In truth your complete year degree will be joining you and you happen to be genuinely not that unique.

So the exclusive top quality that makes investment banking networking on-campus so attractive – getting how accessible it is – is also its downfall.  In fact, it’s so easy to attend that even college students with barely-there challenging-ons for investment banking will come to these sessions.  and nearly no barriers to entry.

No wonder then that these investment banking networking occasions (with or without bankers) are more likely to resemble the killing fields depicted in a National Geographic Serengetti Specific rather than a Skilled Profession Event.


There are to get a fistful of enterprise cards, half-assed answers to lame questions and a couple cups of complimentary liquor.

The last possible death knell is that these occasions usually take location so close to – often even just days prior to – that they’re unlikely to aid you set up any lengthy lived relationships with bankers (unless you are a junior).

Our end conclusion is “, but don’t make this the final quit on your networking techniques”.


They are the most gaff-filled event on Earth and but we nevertheless feel you really should go, so let us explain ourselves.

There is significant speak out there amongst banking bloggers that on-campus info sessions / mixers are actually .  And definitely, in some respect they can do more harm than great.

We are speaking about events where the sheer quantity of students trying to stand out and impress bankers is sufficient to have you bolting for the exits after all – the x-rated is sufficient to make you reach for the freaking sick bag at instances.  And with the downright awful, possibly these occasions should be no gos.

But you get into investment banking.  Feel bank presentations, five-one student-banker conversations, and most of all speaking to fellow grads in the know.  And given that these are amongst the best 15 objectives of networking in banking, on-campus events are worth a shot.

Plus if you take the initiative to make contacts with bankers by way of very brief intelligent queries and comments, and you (this is the important), you’ll have a rocking time.

(one) we took away pages of valuable scribbled notes and suggestions, (two) met dozens of higher-quality folks the two bankers, HR &amp fellow switched on students, (3) racked up multiple resume passes and (four) received numerous requests to call and interview outdoors standard recruiting.

And believe about the .  We racked up all this courtesy of barely a handful of afternoons and evenings spent on-campus (probably a collective 20 hours in total…that’s it!).  The message I am trying to scream is that on-campus networking is rewarding, painless and efficient.  The freaking bankers are coming to you remember…and in droves!

Thankfully if your on-campus networking efforts end worse than my current Ghanaian-goldmine speculative play there is nevertheless a consolation prize to cushion the blow.

  Oh, and possibly a little lukewarm canapé also?

Verify out the complete guide on invesment banking networking on-campus.

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