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There are plenty of financial advisors easily available to offer investment advice. You can either choose an independent financial advisor or a financial firm to help you with your investments. In either case you need to choose the one who will be interested in helping you make wise financial investments. 

Types of Independent Financial Advisors:

Basically there are two types of independent financial advisors; fee based advisors and commission based advisors. Fee based advice will work out a little expensive than commission based advice. However, if you are investing large sum of money than fee based advice will be cheaper. In either case, getting better investment advice can help you earn better profits. Independent financial advisors offer both fee based advice as well as commission based advice, so depending upon your financial situation, your aims and objectives you can choose your advisor. 

How to Choose Independent Financial Advisors?

Many banks and financial institutions will be more than happy to offer investment advice. However, they are only agents who are focused on selling you their products and they employ independent financial advisors only to cater to high net worth customers. Therefore, you should choose an independent financial advisor who is not restricted to selling only a particular type of product or products that fetch him high commissions. 

Begin by choosing about four advisors and visit them before taking a final decision. During these visits, make sure to carry all the information about your current financial situation. Ask all the questions you need to and check how the advisors plan to help you get the maximum benefits. This initial ground work will help you choose the right advisor. 

Where to Find Independent Financial Advisors?

Personal recommendations are the best way to find a good independent financial advisor. However, you always need to check whether the financial advisor has the necessary qualification and authorization certificate issued by the Financial Services Authority. You can also check with organizations who can give you the list of authorized  independent financial advisors in your locality. You can also choose any of the reputed financial companies for investment advice. Usually these firms employ qualified and experienced financial advisors to give you some of the best investment options and plans.  

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