Industry America Distributor – An Overview

Market America is an Internet marketing organization established in 1992. According to their latest statistics, there are over 180,000 distributors and UnFranchise business owners across the globe. The organization maintains their headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina and employs over 500 individuals worldwide. As one of the largest online retailers, Market America provides access to over 35 million services and products, many of which are exclusively offered through Market America distributors, UnFranchise owners, and partner stores. The business model they promote is based on one to one marketing of its products and services, offering customers the ability to read other customer’s reviews, comparison shop, or access live chat customer assistance.

As a Market America distributor or UnFranchise Business owner, individuals have their own web portal and follow the company’s proven approach, much like a franchise. However, unlike a franchise, distributors and owners pay no franchise fees. Instead, royalties, commissions, and profits are paid to participants based on sales and referrals. Distributors and owners work together as a team to build sales and increase profits with exclusive and unique products, as well as products and services with high market demand. Market America has already done the difficult work of developing a business model with a proven track record for success, meaning distributors merely follow a preset plan to achieve the most success.

Coaching and mentorship are key components to the Market America distributor relationship. Not only are new distributors provided with the tools, knowledge, and business model proven to provide the highest level of success, they are also provided coaching and encouragement from fellow distributors. As part of a team effort, referring business owners participate in success coaching with their distributors, providing training materials, video tutorials, and ongoing encouragement. As a team, referrers and new distributors benefit from such cooperative training and coaching.

A Market America distributor benefits greatly from their coach’s prior experience and knowledge of the system. Coaches benefit by increasing their distributor’s knowledge, encouraging their growth, and guiding them through proven success avenues. It is in the coach’s best interest to ensure their distributors are well prepared for the road ahead. As distributors succeed, so does the rest of the team. For a new distributor, the availability of a proven model and path to success, coupled with their coach’s knowledge, experience, and guidance, provides a degree of security not often found in traditional franchise opportunities. This is an amazing opportunity in this fast-growing field!

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