How to force bankers to read your investment banking resume

There are 2 main approaches to side step the standard recruiting process to guarantee your investment banking resume gets read.


This first exception is thanks to the class program in the banking candidate globe knowledgeable v virgin.  It is two tiered with the experienced at the leading and the virgins at the bottom.

Any investment banking internship counts as experience – from bulge bracket to 10-man boutique investment bank.

By ‘investment banking’ we suggest summers spent in M&ampA or capital markets and so on.  S&ampT and investigation will suffice, but anticipate to display up at the bottom of the ‘experienced pile’. 

Meanwhile back office internships barely count.

Other substantial quality finance experiences count as well, eg hedge fund internship.  Whilst like McKinsey, Microsoft, Newscorp (provided you weren’t telephone tapping it up!) work as well – i.e. management consulting and F500 corporate.


If you possess this knowledge you are

That indicates your resume (specifically those of you with an investment banking intern resume) will get preferential remedy – believe best of the pile and . 

Or possibly – ironically – less interest since you’re this kind of an obvious candidate!


The second exception is thanks to nepotism, ass-kissing and cold difficult cash.

Aka , this entails emailing your resume to an interested banker outside of the typical recruiting approach.

You could be asked for it at a networking event by a Credit Suisse Associate (eg me) or your Daddy who’s on one of MD Larry Larryson’s boards could slip it into Larry’s bag at the next meeting of Giganticfuknconglomerate Inc (eg my pal).

The power of a resume pass is that the banker who asked for it will take substantial time to review it.  I mean, they will actually from leading to bottom. 

And if the banker likes it, they will pass it on to the bankers in charge of recruiting along with a note “like this kid”.  Can you spell ‘guaranteed interview’ you nepotistic rich kid?!


I need to have to pause us for a second here to speak about networking &amp resumes. 

than submitting it into the cold, unforgiving vacuum that is official recruiting.  So please make certain you master networking in banking – a subject we’ll speak extensively about in a later tutorial.

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