How a banker would write a resume for investment banking

Hi guys, my name is Richard and

No this is not a confession, not an AA inspired introduction, but rather a way to inform you I am an insider.  I am an individual who

I can even inform you what us bankers will do with it, how we’ll judge it and – specifically how to generate the variety of resume that demands interview invitations.  So throw away that generic investment banking resume sample you discovered from a late night Google search and appreciate some tough hitting advice tailored for IB.

The reason this info is due to the fact along with 4 other buddies in banking (a mix of former colleagues and friends) we’ve produced a internet site named Inside Investment Banking – a 1 cease shop for ideas on how to get into investment banking.  And to support promote it we are providing away a war chest of our finest guidance for free of charge.

Now let’s get into the insider details on investment banking resumes…

Yes, that’s correct – me.  I will choose whether you really should come in for a first round investment banking interview.  Not the MDs, not the HR reps me!  PS This is not a good issue or a bad point. 


It really is not a case of basic apathy, rather just a privilege – why would they waste their time reading 1000s of resumes when they can get us juniors to do it.  They are only interested in you if you make final rounds, aka superday interviews.

.  1) to get you an interview and 2) to drive the interview concerns you get asked.  I am only concerned with teaching you how to achieve the former aim, since without having that you will never ever require to worry about the latter!

But there is a single exception.  If you are asked to submit your application on-line and you want to input your GPA or other academic scores, then yes, possibly a pc will do the deciding of regardless of whether you a get a 1st round interview.  And this is simply primarily based on cut off scores. 

I know that might sound insanely stupid, I suggest how can any individual decide this kind of an important selection (whether to grant you an interview or not) in such a short period of time?!  But it really is the reality and it’s effectively justified provided a junior banker’s every day workload and the fact that us analysts can judge a resume in seconds.

Why?  Nicely, most college students are not aware of it and so they finish up developing lengthy winded resumes that spill over into several pages or are otherwise far also dense and hard to ‘scan read’.  That means if you produce an straightforward to read resume making use of wise presentation techniques you will stand out in bankers’ minds and be easy to approve. ie obtaining the appropriate investment banking resume format is important.

If you have a earlier banking internship or comparable top quality corporate encounter you will get higher consideration than normal applicants – feel an added 20 seconds reading.  Whilst if your resume was passed onto bankers by way of a good friend or rich uncle named Mr Summers you also will acquire special focus. 

Good luck guys!

Richard &amp the Within Investment Banking group


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