Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Brandon Jacobs RB NYG

Post by Michael Keneski

Fantasy Football Stock Watch:Brandon Jacobs RB NYG

To say the New York Giants running game is going through a bit of a transformation is a bit of an understatement. All one has to do is turn on Channel 4 in the morning to see former All Pro RB Tiki Barber giving interviews on politics, existing occasions, and other news items to know that issues are definately not the same in Massive Blue land. So with Barber off into the sunset, the Giants are turning to third year man Brandon Jacobs to carry the load for their traditionally run-heavy offense. The question is: does Jacobs have what it will take to succeed extended term??? And can he be a viable fantasy football alternative???

1st lets look at what Jacobs has currently established he can do. Specifically speaking, the man understands how to get into the end zone which is half the battle in gathering points in fantasy leagues. Utilizing his freakish size, Jacobs a lot more than capably filled the purpose line back function for the Giants last season and even helped fantasy owners who essential bye week fill ins. All in all, Jacobs’ 9 TD’s were appropriate in line with what a prime fantasy back is anticipated to contribute.

Now I am not suggesting Brandon is a amount 1 back by any implies since that he is not. However Jacobs does have likely that has not been tapped due to his backup function behind Barber considering that he came into the league. It is completely achievable Jacobs could turn out to be a large time yardage back to go with the large TD totals. It also is potential he could fall flat on his face and prove that he can’t deal with the full time gig. Faced with this uncertainty, it is not suggested for you to draft Jacobs obviously as your quantity 1 back and at this point, he is a borderline number 2. The TD’s will be there and that does have value in those leagues that heavily favor that form of scoring. Nonetheless most of us want the total package out of each of our backs and there is just too considerably uncertainty when it comes to Jacobs regarding whether or not or not he can reach that degree. So for now ideally draft Brandon as your quantity three back with the hope he turns into a number 2. As I stated it is completely feasible that Jacobs ascends to the top tier of backs in 2007 but right up until he does, appear elsewhere for your prime runners.

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