Could This Small Cap Share Go Blue Chip?


The common Little Capitalisation Share costs only cents and has not been around lengthy enough to make excellent earnings or pay dividends. How can you choose a stock that can that can go from cents to dollars in a short time? It is not straightforward! Most micro cent shares take years for the firm to establish themselves, even in the case of miners and explorers. What you can uncover is a firm that has accomplished the hard yards of developing an exploration portfolio of mining or fuel places and the share price tag has not but caught up with their accurate value.

In the situation of an oil exploration firm it is necessary to have a claim location that has shown a excellent ratio of successful wells drilled and some making wells. It requirements to have big oil bearing likely targets of many millions of barrels of oil and drilling must be in the close to future.


Nido Petroleum ticks all the proper boxes. Final year Nido created 800 thousand barrels of oil and earned revenue of million but nevertheless made a significant loss due to a create down of million on the Tindalo oil area. The Tindalo area had intense technical troubles and was abandoned even although it struck commercial oil. Excluding the write down Nido would have created million profit.

Commencing in the second quarter this year the firm expects to drill five exploration wells with the very first starting in May mostly financed by Shell. The well is in water about 1 km deep and really should expense about million to drill. The website has had all the most recent tests seabed coring, seepage and so on and Shell would not farm in if they did not believe there was a excellent likelihood of good results.

The oil field is estimated to include 1 billion barrels of oil and with Nido retaining 35% of the area the present share price of 13 cents will take off like a rocket if the properly is profitable. Can you feel a business with this considerably likely would have this kind of a reduced price?

This is nonetheless the norm for reduced capitalisation so known as penny shares, there are several stocks below 5 cents that nonetheless have a excellent opportunity of getting profitable and of course beginning from this kind of a low price offers them the possibility of enormous percentage gains. I can not advise that you acquire these shares I do not have a economic advisors license, but I do advise you to analysis this and other micro cent shares to try out to uncover your personal bonanza stock.

Of course I have invested in this and 40 other penny shares hoping for excellent profits from a reduced outlay. The previous 2-3 years have been a disaster for reduced cost shares but I assume the stock marketplace is about to come excellent. Excellent Luck!

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