Complete Indian Economic Figures

There is no doubt that Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. It has also been estimated that in times to come Indian economy will be ahead of the most powerful and biggest economy of world that is United States of America. India is a part of BRIC countries, which includes Brazil, Russia, India and China. The growth of Indian economy is not only rapid but also stable. This powerful growth has fostered many trade and market analysts to closely and continuously monitor the Indian economic statistics which includes fields like stock market news giving a deep insight into the stock market of the country and product news which gives thorough analysis of all the latest product launch in the market.


The Indian economy is the 12th-largest in the world and it is the world’s second-fastest growing major economy next to china.

The US economy is in decline. Europe isn’t fairing much better. Meanwhile, China is shooting up the ranks. India’s economy may still be trailing China’s now but it can play catch up. The gross domestic product and the rate of economic growth are on all time high level. And this is not just a guess but a fact that is been suggested continuously by the detailed study of Indian economic statistics.


This fact is also evident from the Stock market news. The Indian stock market is one of the most stable stock markets of the world and managed to survive the global economic crisis which even shook the roots of the United States of America, presently the biggest economy of the world. All the listed shares are giving satisfactory returns to the investors; even the Foreign Institutional Investors have shown a deep faith in the Indian share market.


The middle class of India is presently luring the attention of all the investors and business personalities of the world.

The rapid growth of this section of the society has encouraged everyone to launch products keeping the Indian middle class in mind. The Indian middle class is now not afraid in spending money. The latest launched products are rapidly making their way into the Indian houses and the product news is playing a crucial role in making people aware of the different products.


Indian economic statistics suggests that in times to come Indian economy will be leading the world economy. The middle class is going to be strongest section of the society. Stock market news and product news are showing the positive response of the market towards this growth and soon the Indian economy will be one of the most prosperous economies of the world.


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