Closing the gap between Demo and Live trading

Demo server is feeding information to Demo account making use of live trading feed from broker and their trading tele-information. Live server is feeding data to Live account using the identical life trading feed. But the difference is often amongst the server that is feeding the information.

1) Adding Delay in reside trading. Different server provide diverse Bid-Ask spread and provide diverse Bid price when the currency start off to move or trend up/down. So the demo final results you get is diverse from live results and reside benefits also different as its uses distinct reside server, The way to close the gap is to add delay among sampling your method. The demo information smallest data is 1 minute. but reside data modifications each 1 second. By adding in delay of 1 or five minute, you are greater in closing the gap.

2) Select Indicate utilizing 15 minutes or 1 hour or 1 day. Demo and reside data might be distinction when you looking at seconds adjustments and minutes adjustments. But if you using indicate like Moving Average, CCI, RSI, Stochastic, Bollier Band, select a time frame of 15 minutes and above. The distinction you have from Demo and Live will be really modest. Like sensible if you making use of Open/Close valve or Higher/Reduced valve of earlier 15M/1H/1D, the indicate will not display much diverse. As a result closing the gap between Demo and Reside information. Steer clear of utilizing 1 minute and 5 minute information for indicator, in the course of huge price tag motion, will yield different indicator result giving false trigger trades.

3) To buffer five to 8 pips of loss. Even soon after you add in the protection of Bid-Inquire difference not more then 7 pips. Which means, the trade will only execute if the Bid and ask spread is much less then 7 Pips, this does close the gap but due to trading server busy, allowance ( to 2 pips) to match your purchase/inquire value and the Swap (few pips), often test your simulation with profit setting minus five to 8 pips to cover these. And Stoploss setting adding five to eight pips. Else you will see different win/loss trading.

By following the above mention items, you will be closing the gap among Demo and Live trading. Thank you.

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