Day Trading Technical Indicators

Getting Started into Foreign Exchange Trading

Forex, also known simply as the “FX,” is the commonly accepted abbreviation for the over-the-counter foreign exchange market. The forex market is the largest financial market on earth. Forex exists on a 24-hour-a-day global network that spans corporate, banking, and individual interests. There is no central trading floor. Currency is traded around the world and […]

Learn How to Choose an Online Trading Broker

The life of a broker is usually very hard and usually full of stress. So it is not a job that most people would choose to do. Brokers are the direct link to Wall Street; they are also our middlemen when we are thinking of investing some of our hard-earned money into shares of some […]

3 Day Trading Tips When Using “The Stockster”

I know a lot of you use “The Stockster” web site but what is your strategy? Historically, stock trading has been the domain of professional traders. Stock trading has been in essence a “private club” with restricted access. Day trading has changed that. For the first time, amateur traders have the tools (real time quotes […]

Discover An Effective Forex Trading System

What is the importance of an effective Forex trading system? An effective system provides you the trader, incomparable prospects to increase your earnings. And why not? The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world with average daily trading of the currencies going over US$1.6 trillion. One other thing, it's the most liquid […]

Spot Trading in Forex

This trading is one of the two options and the one which offers traders the flexibility. There are two styles within the spot trading too. They are the traditional option and then the SPOT option which stands for Single Payment Option Trading. The traditional option let the buyer purchase a contract to buy the required […]

Online Stock Trading Puts Finances in Your Hands

When you want to be in total control of your financial future, online stock trading may be something for you to look into. You can research companies on your own, also online, make your own decisions and make your trades when you are ready. With many brokers having a web presence online, stock trading online […]

Learn Commodities Trading – What Do I Need To Know About Futures Trading?

We assume that you are familiar with the basics of commodities – what they are and the different types of trading. In this article, we will delve in a little more into the futures trading, which is the most common found on many markets these days. Because it is the most common, here we will […]

A Look Back At Forex Trading – 4/3/06

Looking at Friday's trades reminds me of the importance of multiple technical indictors. When I was writing Friday's newsletter, I spoke of several indicators, which lead me to believe Cable was going down. Lets review: First we would like to decide if the up swing will continue or not, and looking at the 1 hour […]

Trading In Black And White Forex Trading Newsletter – 5/30/06

We'd like to start by wishing you a Happy Memorial Day. We hope you had a great extended weekend, we sure did. Between the barbecues and the boating and the sweets…well, life is good. Ok, so how has this month's trading been? Well, $firstname, I'm glad you asked. But, before we get to it, we […]