Big blue-chip stocks into the farming era of medicine? – Medical Unit – pharmaceutical industries

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(724, ‘January 12 an post entitled quot Low uncertainty with stock index futures Medicine Stocks quot the report of the internet site is hot in the significant fiscal hits The medical team from the East China Sea written by the securities of the report the time of reduced node plate with medicine has come a lengthy period of time in the future the pharmaceutical sector will enter a challenging farming period However the reporter interviewed the domestic pharmaceutical market analyst at brokerage organization received is fully different views most of them think that stock index futures and margin trading on the Chinese plate quot to little impact quot Clearly the market is expected to realize the expected style of adjustment the analysis of pharmaceutical stocks are on view in 2010 has been the early variations Or by the quot defense quot drag Tokai Securities research report mentioned above introduction of stock index futures and margin will be to alter the A share stock trading guidelines and investment considering inertia occasion Plate as a defensive characteristic of Traditional Chinese Medicine is very clear plate up in the broader industry scenario is typically tough to beat the trend Meanwhile brief term valuation primarily based on the pressure plate of Classic Chinese Medicine The new medical reform Require time to confirm the performance and other aspects to think about the medical section yet again drastically larger brief term intrinsic motivation and the needed external environment situations are challenging 12 the reporter for this call the East China Sea stock the securities analyst pharmaceutical group more pointed out the causes they come to the view quot Medicine for the sector and the broader industry is not quite close often unrelated or even opposite stock index futures and the introduction of margin trading will constitute a positive broader marketplace but Chinese stocks may not be quot Present the marketplace a much more basic view is that margin trading and stock index futures introduction of two corporations which means A shares short mechanism was born thus changing the Chinese stock industry quot unilateral industry quot pattern The quantity of constituent stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 right major excellent fundamentals liquid blue chip stock index futures as margin trading and investment targets is expected to usher in a rally Overall the market will be modest cap and from the early preference preference for blue chip stocks to play a catalytic conversion To Shanghai Securities for illustration they believe that the driving force to promote the blue chip marketplace will come from two sides namely the current stock market value premium of little and medium level far greater than the industry valuation of blue chip degree the relative valuation of blue chip reduced internal drive with recovery Second investors in blue chips right after the position at a comparatively reduced proportion of historical levels with the margin and the gradual introduction of stock index futures creating business and investment management for the needs of investors specifically institutional investors will increase demand for blue chip organizations which will also market the blue chip shares larger Nonetheless little cap Chinese stocks essentially Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index weighting industry statistics medicine only to 3 21 even though the brief listed stocks Jilin Aodong Yunnanbaiyao HRH medicine Fosun Pharmaceutical Harbin Pharmaceutical shares 39 medicine new and price health dollars the East E Jiao double Heron Pharmaceutical North China Pharmacy Tasly The sea is medicine Tong Ren Tang Double Crane Pharmaceutical Temple of Heaven Biology Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Huahaiyaoye Shanghai and medicine nearly 20 but the disk units 50 units compared to the SSE in terms of usually small Return efficiency and development Nevertheless be noted that on the 12th night of Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Manager Ho Bin Resource Optimization in the CCTV quot Market place Analysis Space quot system is nonetheless bullish quot well being care quot and other domestic section The reporter interviewed a number of pharmaceutical sector analyst also received partial neutral point of view Southwest Securities chief analyst ZHANG Shi Yuan accept the quot Chinese Economic News quot interview stated that stock index futures and margin style baked to promote marketplace adjustment which will have a good influence for the blue chip Though pharmaceutical stocks are small cap stocks not the point but it quot does not imply that a stock index futures and the introduction of margin trading pharmaceutical stocks have no opportunity ‘)

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