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(841, ‘Installment credit appeared household appliance market companies pull together high end consumer banking br Installment to buy home appliances and there is no interest which of course has a certain seductive Wind photo reporter Kanya br br Appliances consumer credit market recently to reproduce Recently China Merchants Bank Guangdong Development Bank jointly launched Paradise and other home appliance chain model of credit card installment SONY Panasonic and other manufacturers have also introduced similar consumer installment credit The difference is that a few years ago the new consumption patterns intentionally conspicuous interest free banks do not need to apply on site consumption and other new features br br Wing lok joint CMB adopters Yesterday reporter learned from China Merchants Bank through and Shanghai Yongle Electric reached an agreement from February 19 the China Merchants Bank credit card users in the Paradise home appliance chain stores in Shanghai within the choice of all interest free installments the form of credit card spending br br This news immediately caused great repercussions on the market China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center Shanghai person told journalists shortly after the announcement of its pages have tried dozens of ways that the consumer experience of consumer spending released an overwhelming response Paradise Marketing Manager Huang Jianping also revealed that despite the launch of the campaign less than a week but chose hire purchase interest free spending accounts for 5 of the total consumption of Paradise br br According to Huang Jianping introduced Merchants Bank jointly launched overwhelmed by Wing lok interest free installment on what to buy consumption goods without any restriction qualification only quot the amount of 1 500 yuan more than shopping and enjoy six months interest free installment repayment of loans 6 000 yuan or more enjoy the 12 interest free installment repayment of loans 10 000 yuan or more enjoy the 24 interest free installments quot as long as consumers can choose to hold CMB credit card installments br br Sony Panasonic push hire online Similarly the reporter from the consumer electronics giants Sony Panasonic HP etc understand that manufacturers are jointly recent CITIC China Merchants and other banks introduced interest free installment credit online mall consumption br br CITIC Bank Credit Card Department spokesman told reporters that from the end of December 2004 Sony will co China CITIC Bank reached an agreement holders of credit cards CITIC STAR consumers can choose to buy on credit interest free installments published online Sony products br br But Sony Online Sony launched the product line in high end products not all products but consumers must submit a written application to the bank banks are required to examine consumer credit qualifications br br It is understood that Matsushita earlier respectively and Guangdong Development Bank China Merchants Bank reached an interest free installments of credit agreement Similar Sony Panasonic agreement basically limited to some of the products launched online mall and shop the small number of individual entities of some products And consumers are to be applied and banking audit br br Consumer credit interest free era Appliances consumer credit in the last century the late 90 39 s had a while fun but with more restrictions such as quot consumers have certain qualifications to apply to the bank installments vetted and approved by the bank only after the loans to buy home appliances and from bank to pay 5 interest quot and so on The recent installment credit consumption patterns as early as 80 years in the last century began popular in Europe and the United States While such forms of consumption in the country there are still many problems but banks and public companies consider that the future of this new consumption patterns will spread in the market Reporter Zhang Ran br br Little data How to apply for interest free installment credit br buy appliances 1 apply for credit cards br As long as investment credit cardholders can enjoy the purchase of home appliances digital products interest free installment payment of the new financial services br br If you have not handled this card first of all to do card to fill in the application form and provide copies of my ID card and stamped with official seal of proof of income br br 2 to buy Wing lok etc If the store to buy merchandise the cardholder may be on the spot to buy pay only the first phase products can be bought After a month before the repayment will repay into the card can be Should the over the repayment date will be subject to interest and late fees Should the consecutive number of non payment you can cancel the credit card banks and reserve the right holder to take legal measures br br Online Shopping Mall If purchased the cardholder must fill out the quot interest free installments product purchase orders quot issued to banks banks and suppliers within 20 working days to complete the credit review of the order and product delivery work consumers can choose sub 3 6 12 and other repayment methods br br Notes br br Authorized to select the amount of critical consumer of such installment credit the cardholder 39 s credit qualifications and the amount authorized banks are important Bank of the audit can be passed when the purchaser qualification these two points is the key ‘)

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