Bank ban credit card payment transaction profitable treasure is the main cause – Alipay, China Minsh

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(755, ‘Recently Minsheng Bank to quit and spend the credit card organization Bao Cooperation Renewed issues about the issue Extensively believed to stop the credit danger of illicit cash to bring the industry the organization is element of the bank stopped the major reason However according to report the credit card organization bank halted Alipay major purpose is unprofitable br br Alipay banks credit card limits Just lately some credit card holders use cash to pay for illegal treasure rampant some banks have adopted acceptable measures Log Alipay 39 s internet site yesterday found that the current Minsheng Bank Bank of China Agricultural Bank Industrial Bank and Shenzhen Improvement Bank credit card transactions are not supported Alipay The other banks in on the web payment but also via the constraints this kind of as China Merchants Bank and China CITIC Bank credit card payment on the single maximum Po was 499 99 yuan and 500 yuan China Everbright Bank maximum every day limit of 300 Bank Certificate Edition credit card day-to-day limit to ten 000 yuan br br Alleged that banks limit credit card transactions in 39 re primary objective is to prevent the danger of money potential negative debts br br Halt on why Alipay Minsheng Bank credit card business the reporter yesterday Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center to make an interview request but to the deadline yesterday the reporter did not receive a reply Minsheng Bank br br Profitable enterprise for banks is the major explanation br Nonetheless the reporter learned the trade by way of a quantity of banks halt or limit the payment of the major factors Po was not anti credit card enterprise danger but due to the fact lucrative br br It is understood that credit card cash withdrawal staging high interest credit card enterprise of banks operating one particular of three significant sources of income also contributed to the bank keen to encourage a lot more credit card holders are taken the driving force behind many stages Offered the latest main banks to take credit card overdraft interest revolving credit requirements are almost all quot everyday interest five 10000 quot Some banks also recover interest accrued on a monthly basis This interest rate degree achieved in more than 18 equivalent to the existing a single year bank lending rate of two 60 times 6 93 and six month lending rate to two 94 instances 6 12 And now quantity to only offer credit card credit line 30 to 50 or less Meanwhile most banks now also take credit cards overdrafts charge varying quantities for added handling charge In purchasing internet sites this kind of as Taobao Alipay from the credit card out of the use of payment can be exempt from all fees br br Several credit card holders to spend for treasure for trading intermediary via false consumption will transfer credit card credit debit cards at some point to withdraw money The whole process is not true transactions of goods with no payment of additional costs Po on the credit card payment card transactions also are spending but cardholders are not having to pay Po and make payments to the banks so banks can be stated that unprofitable Connected News br br Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau concern quot Alipay quot incident br Morning News reporters Li Jiangbao and Dao Zhendui Alipay blocked some banks to terminate Alipay partnership with the concern the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau stated the individual regulators are concerned about this so far not been associated with the supervision of banks departmental communication In response regulators do not make any statement br br Not too long ago the Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau has devoted to the threat of credit card suggestions over that all banks attach fantastic significance to more than 1 card excessive credit losses may be brought to the bank It is understood the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau received a huge amount of client complaints reflecting element of the card issuing banks in pursuit of the quantity of publicity over the marketing presence risk prompts shortage in credit evaluation also did not completely think about his line of credit quantity has accumulated exceed the cardholder 39 s repayment ability there is a critical circumstance of extreme credit individual banks have consciously or unconsciously ignore the cardholder has appeared in his line of repayment issues is nonetheless their card or to boost their credit card restrict br br Investigation according to regulators some cardholders are just young people into society self management is weak induced in the bank credit card apply for a number of banks unable to repay after extreme consumption Which could consist of a quantity of channels such as the cardholder use Alipay money and other illegal activities which harms the interests of commercial banks and might result in a bank 39 s poor debt losses ‘)

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