Auto Colour Figures

A decade ago, fifteen percent of the new automobiles that we purchased had been green, exhibiting that as a nation we embraced a colourful car. But above the final decade, figures have shown that folks are less probably to be buying a car in a vibrant colour, opting for more sombre options like black and silver. Black vehicles represent twenty four % of new cars purchased white holds twenty percent of the market place share, and grey, which encompasses silver and charcoal, requires thirty two % of the marketplace in new automobiles purchased. Colours like red and blue that had been popular 10 a long time ago have witnessed a decline in recognition. With interests waning in yellow, orange and other colours that were well-liked in the nineties, black and white are becoming a great deal much more prevalent on our roads. Fleet autos are persistently being purchased in neutral tones, as are autos in the public sector, like taxis.

This could be since it helps make then mess probably to stand out, so they are frequently less of a target to thieves and criminals.

PPG, the vehicle paint firm who compiled the stats, said that this is becoming mirrored across the rest of Europe, America and Asia. Volkswagen have even gone as far as to withdraw ‘cosmic green’ from their production line as it is now this kind of an unpopular colour.

PPG manager Jane Harrington stated: “”The palette of colours getting created is influenced by culture, nature, style, movies, media, electronics and numerous buyer items.”

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