An Explosive Tale: The Importance of Statistics in Marketing

Have you ever noticed the cautionary warning at gas stations? The one that tells you NOT to get back into your vehicle although the gas is pumping lest you risk making an explosion due to static electrical shock?

I read that every time I pump gas. And virtually every time, I get back into my automobile to place away my Visa card. Then I get back out yet again to watch the numbers on the pump and wait for it to click off.

The final time I pumped gas, I went to Sam’s Club. The attendant-who is usually out and about-was standing stationary, proper subsequent to the pump I’d pulled up to. Considering that he did not move when I got out, nor following I started pumping, I decided to strike up a conversation. “So,” I asked, “do folks truly begin explosions by finding back into their automobiles?” (I was certainly skeptical.)

“Yes,” he mentioned.

“How precisely does that happen?” I asked.

“Well, when you slide into and out of your seat, you can gather static electrical power. Then, if it produces a spark when you touch the pump manage, the fumes from the gas ignite.”

“That could set your hand on fire,” I mentioned.

“Yes, it could,” he agreed.

While he surely had my consideration now that I knew specifically what could occur, I was still skeptical as to the value of staying out of my car. Right after all, I’d never observed this reported on the news or in the paper and was doubtful that it happened considerably-if at all.


“So how usually does that transpire?” I asked.

He was surprisingly quick with his statistical data. “According to the …” he referenced an authority I do not recall…”it occurs to one particular car in every 1,000 that pumps gas.”

“That indicates it takes place hundreds of instances a day!” I said. Of course he agreed and was likely amused by the surprised search on my face.

Whilst a warning on a gas pump isn’t advertising as we believe of it, it is nonetheless a message intended to get us to take action. But without having the statistical data, this message had tiny impact on me. In fact…I ignored it!

The absence of statistical data allowed me to assess or estimate my very own degree of risk-which I assumed was really low. And boy was I incorrect.

Take into account the following examples of motivating advertising statistics from copy I’ve written:
Cardiovascular condition will kill 1 out of each and every 3 men and women who dies today.
Household cleaners rank 3rd as the cause of all accidental poisoning deaths in the U.S. 
62,000 germs per square inch live on your kitchen counter.
14.9% of young children ages 6-19 encounter hearing loss in a single or both ears.

Obtaining statistics like these for your personal product or service can be as straightforward as getting into keywords and phrases on Google. I found the statistics in the examples above by typing in phrases like: “hearing loss statistics,” “dangers of household cleansers,” “heart illness statistics,” and “top causes of accidental death.”

When you get the search results, appear for sources like associations, governmental organizations, educational institutions and scholarly papers. Google Scholar can be a good source for research papers with citations that can lead you to further authoritative sources.

So if your consumers and prospects are ignoring your advertising messages, much like I ignored the gas station warnings, maybe it’s time to add some actual motivation to your message? Instead of issuing a easy call to action along with a sense of urgency, attempt adding statistics to your message.

It could make all the difference in exploding your sales and advertising and marketing response!

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