Alipay: Alibaba’s Payment Arm (2008 Update) | Market place Research Report

This report is a 2008 update from our authentic Alipay company profile report from September 2007. Alipay, 1 of the largest and most active online payment companies in China nowadays. In this report, we investigate how Alipay fits beneath founder Jack Ma’s master plan for the Alibaba Group and explain the working partnership in between Alipay and its sister firms Taobao and, two of the largest e-commerce firms in China these days.

Even though China’s Internet market has grown in dimension to be the largest in the globe, payment infrastructure remains vastly underneath-produced. While credit card and debit cards are extensively accepted as a principal channel for non-money payments in most produced nations, the lower overall adoption of bank card payments by each customers and by merchants in China has jumpstarted the emergence of third-party or choice payment systems. Moreover, the discrepancy amongst the pace of development amongst payments and web technologies has created many possibilities for third-get together payment providers to take a far more central part in payments in China.

Online 3rd-celebration payment methods, even though at a nascent stage of advancement in China, are developing alongside bank card payment networks that are also still staying established. Although they may possibly not fully replace bank cards as the major method for non-money on the web payments in China, their fairly early emergence in the market place enable third-celebration payment companies, as a group, the opportunity and the possible to take a major improvement role in China payments above the up coming five-10 many years.

Table of Contents :

*1 Introduction to Online Payment in China China’s 50-year late commence
o1.two Market place Prospective by Large Numbers
o1.3 Nuances and Challenges of On the web Payment in China Consumers’ Continued Preference for Money Payments
+1.three.two Credit Card Use Remains Very low, POS Terminals Limited
+one.three.3 Online Payment Restrictions for Debit Card Users
+1.three.four Grey Skies for Government Regulations
*two The China On-line Payment Industry These days
o2.1 How to Construct a Payments Network from Scratch? Leveraging Cash-based mostly Methods for On the web Payments
o2.2 Top Online Payment Firms to Appear Out For
+2.2.1 Alipay
+two.two.2 Tenpay
+2.2.three 99Bill
+2.two.four IPS
+two.2.five YeePay
o2.3 China On the web Payment Users: by the numbers
o2.4 China On-line Payment Merchants: by the numbers

*three Opportunities and Issues for On the internet Payments in China
o3.1 Alipay and Tenpay: They May possibly be Giants…
o3.two How to Compete with Zero Costs?
o3.three Marketplace Consolidation and Payment Licenses
o3.4 New Channels for Online Payment: Mobile Phones

*4 Appendices China Financial institution Cards Explained
o4.2 China On the internet Payment Business Headquarters
o4.three China On-line Payment Provider Bank Partners
o4.four China On the web Payment Foreign Credit Card Partners
o4.5 Numerous Payment Channels for China Payment Businesses

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