A Review of the Best Penny Stock Advisor Available Today

Article by Jonathan Langley

To take the risk out of investing, rather than hiring an expensive broker many traders are beginning to embrace programs which generate stock picks for you, enabling you to trade without the time or experience required for analytics because it’s all done for you. Many traders are looking for the best penny stock advisor to specifically target lower priced penny stocks which are more likely to go on a huge upswing.

With so many different stock advisors on the market today, this is a review of what is likely the best penny stock advisor of today.

Penny Stock Prophet has the distinction of being one of the few advisors which exclusively targets cheap stocks. I call it the best penny stock advisor for many reasons.

One is in how it finds what it deems as being high probability trading opportunities. Using a method known as stock behavioral comparison, this program picks up tiny nuances and overlaps between well performing stocks of the past and current, real time stocks which have yet to hit their upswing. Given the uniqueness of stock behavior, even the smallest overlaps can tell you everything about what to expect.

With so many advisors on the market, curiously enough only a small percentage of that population exclusively target cheap stocks. Given the greater profit potential, the only reason I can think to account for this is the fact that it’s more difficult anticipating far more volatile behavioral stocks.

The profit potential is indeed greater, however, given that it takes far less trading influence to directly affect a price. The first pick which I received from the program, for example, was initially valued at 15 cents at which point I placed an order for 1000 shares, translating to an investment of 0 capital.

Over the course of that first trading day, it appreciated steadily to 31 cents. While this is a huge appreciation, keep in mind this is in equal parts due to it was a reliable pick but it also had the force of other investors behind it. I started checking on it routinely the next morning when the market opened once more as it finally leveled out at 48 cents, more than tripling in value in total.

I like to reference that first pick because it’s both evidence of this being possibly the best penny stock advisor of today but at the same time the profit potential in dealing with high probability cheap stocks. If you thought that investing was out of your grasp or you simply didn’t or don’t have the time to devote to it, consider this technology to significantly level out the risk and mystery from the stock market.

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