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[ HC Machinery Industry Network ] Chinese tractor market in 2009 in the “half water, half of the flame” of alternating hot and cold came in quietly in the dish, recently many manufacturers feel anxiety in the export decline, looking forward to the national policy, in Ruqierzhi traditional agricultural Pin Selling season is approaching, lowered full year plan. So in the context of policy stimulus, in the second half of the Chinese tractor market to continue to madness or weakness exposed in the off-season? With the purchase of stimulating positive effects of subsidy policies weakening, a sudden increase in the capacity of enterprises will face off-season of mourning? In 7-8 months the traditional agricultural marketing season, it depends on what business Enron “summer”? Become a focus of attention of the industry. If the Chinese tractor market in 2009 is a game of chess Council, then the Yi-to “in order” in this game of chess at least the following characteristics: First, the domestic market: large and medium tractors wonderful, exciting and unexpected but relevant to the Key Point; small tractors still decline. Second, export markets: weak weakness, remained low. Third, changes in market demand towards agricultural subsidies, industrial upgrading and optimization of tractor. Sized drag Biao bottom to the peak of small delay inertialTractor market in China during the first half of this year has really, on the one hand performance to the peak for the large and medium tractors Biao, a new high this year is expected; other hand, the small tractor market upside weakness, inertia bottom, industry year after year due to sluggish market demand underlines the signs of recession. First of all, large and medium tractors brilliant performance in the areas of production, the National Bureau of Statistics, as at the end of June, 43 large and medium tractors manufacturing enterprises and 135 small and medium-sized tractor manufacturer has produced 209,400 units of tractors, small tractors 90.16 million units, up 28.72 percent year on year respectively, -7.62%. And from our 28 major tractor manufacturers in the first half of sales, as of the end of June, total industrial output value, industrial sales output value, export delivery value of 34.155 billion yuan, 34.023 billion yuan, 17.86 billion yuan, up 19.96, respectively %, 15.23%, -37.41%; and medium-sized tractor production increased by 31.86%, a small four-wheel tractors and tractor were down 17.21 percent year on year and 21.1%. Main business, total profit and added value of the three major economic indicators rose across the board, until the end of May, year on year growth of 21.35%, respectively, 59.67% and 27.64%. Chinese large and medium tractors continued growth in market demand, so that participating manufacturers and dealers greatly excited, policy and market the game, the demand and supply of the game, each of the absolutely shocking; and its unexpected to is no need Rong Yan, standing at the end of 2008, who expected the first half of this year will be good to agricultural market manufacturers and distributors have no product to sell it? The continued downturn in the small tractor manufacturer that is related helplessness, the stumble has once again reminded the reality of endless business to think upgrading and time. And medium-sized tractor production corresponding to the hurricane’s hot and exciting market. Prominent feature of the first half of the performance of large and medium tractors market are: market demand, some of the market for many years without once showing the looting goods, such goods situation. Market statistics for the three groups were interpreted from different angles during the first half of this year’s hot market situation and medium-sized tractors: one of the 35 large and medium tractors manufacturer’s market research shows that the major tractor manufacturers in China the cumulative sales of various models of tractors 211 400 Taiwan, an increase of more than 45%; second, more than 20 major tractor manufacturers in the statistics, the cumulative sales of 1 to 6 months and medium-sized tractors 174,800 units, up 32.38 percent; third country agricultural subsidies statistics, first half of the total completion of large and medium tractors subsidies 190,300 units, up sharply. Up from monthly sales of tractors trend analysis, China’s large and medium tractors from last July to January this year, had been in declining path over the previous year until February this year, market demand, low sweep to the month, begin to exert, showing a substantial increase in the development situation; but grew weak small tractor, small four-wheel and tractor show growth over the previous year except in April, the other months there was a substantial decline to continue.

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