1 p.m. Market Update for Tuesday the 15th of June

Report by Thomas Winston

Hello traders, Adam Hewison founder of INO.com just completed his 1 p.m. Market Update for Tuesday the 15th of June.

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Now here’s a short summary of what’s in today’s video and what’s happening right now in the major markets:

– SP 500: -70. The industry action nowadays can only be described as damaging. A score is now -70 and our downside target for this market is 1250. Main downside support is at 1250.

– Silver: -70. I would watch this marketplace really cautiously right now as I feel that it is probably at the reduce end of its array. We would use the Donchian Channels along with the simple fact that this marketplace is oversold and anticipate to see a bounce from present levels. Key Help at 34.00.

– Gold: +70. Gold is at present oversold and we expect to see this market balance sometime in the close to long term. We would not be surprised to see additional sideways action but we want to be long this marketplace as the Donchian channel comes in at 1503. Major assistance at 1,500.

– Crude Oil: +55 Trading assortment. This market continues to pound out a base to go increased. Long term indicator remains good. Help coming into this industry at /barrel. This industry is currently oversold and choppy.

– The Dollar Index: -55. In spite of today’s sturdy dollar rally in the index, the longer-term and mid-term Trade Triangles stay unfavorable. Resistance now at 76.50. The dollar index is now in overbought territory. Minor support at 73.50 and key assistance at 73.00.

– Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodity Index: +55. This index is now beginning to reach an oversold problem and we may possibly see further backing and filling-in softness. Near-term resistance at 350.00. Minor assistance at 340. Main support at 335.00. Trading variety.

The huge query is are we going to close decrease seven weeks in a row in the major indexes. Several people trading the markets now have not observed the classic bear marketplace which does not give you a chance to get out. Several of our key lengthy-term indicators are close to turning negative and when they do we would suggest moving into an all cash position for hitting any portfolio you might have in stocks.

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